Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Cancellations made at least 12 hours before the scheduled reservation time will receive full refunds. Cancellations made on the day of can not receive refunds. But, cancellations made at least 2 hours before the scheduled reservation time will receive a credit in the form of a gift card to be used at a later date. Cancellations made within 2 hours of the scheduled departure time will not receive a refund or credit. Customers will also receive a full refund or credit in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. To cancel your reservation please send an email to or leave a voicemail at 513-576-9000. In either case whether you submit your cancellation via email or voice message please reference your booking #.

Are children permitted? 

All participants must be at least 4 years old and at least 40lbs.  Kids aged 4 to 15 years old MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Minors ages 16 and 17 can paddle without an adult, but they MUST bring in a parent signed waiver to participate. For the Remington’s Run Kayak Adventure Trip, all participants MUST be at least 13 years old.

What kind of boats do you rent?

For the Remington’s Run Kayak Adventure trip, only single person kayaks are permitted.  For Fletcher’s Mid Trip, canoes, tandem kayaks, and single kayaks are
available for rent. 

Are there any weight restrictions?

Single person kayaks are rated for up to 275lbs.  Tandem Kayaks are rated for up to 450lbs.  And, canoes are rated for up to 500 lbs.

Do I have to where a mask or face covering during the bus ride, due to Covid-19?

No. However, you are welcome to wear one.


Will you be sanitizing the bus seats and equipment after each use?

Yes. Bus seats and high contact areas will be sanitized and wiped down between each use. Kayaks, paddles, and PFD’s (Lifejackets) will also be sanitized after each use.


How often do the buses run?

Buses run continuously each day with departures every 15-20 min throughout the day.


Do your trips end where we parked? Or, do you pick us up at the end of the trip and bus us back to our car?

All of our trips end where you parked (4595 Round Bottom Road, Cincinnati, OH 45244). From here, you will check in, pick out your PFD and hop on a bus and we will drive you to the put-in spot up river. You will then enjoy a beautiful leisurely float back to where you parked.


Are dogs permitted?

Not at this time. This is a temporary policy due to Covid-19.


Are coolers permitted?

Yes, but they must be small enough to fit on the kayak. Tandem Kayaks and Canoes can accommodate a slightly larger cooler. Styrofoam coolers are not permitted as they are a hazard to the environment. Glass bottles are also NOT permitted.


Do we need reservations?

Yes, via our website only. This is a temporary policy due to Covid-19. Click here to make your reservation.


What are your busiest times?

The most popular time range is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For a more peaceful trip, please choose an earlier reservation time.


How do you normally operate (Pre and Post Covid-19 operations)?

Usually, we offer 3 trip options: 2 mile, 6 mile, and 8.5 mile. Reservations are not required and most of our business comes from “walk-ins”. We usually rent kayaks, canoes, tandem (2-person) kayaks, and tubes. Our buses run continuously throughout each day with departures every 15 minutes or so. We have sand volleyball courts, a picnic area with lots of tables, shelter, cornhole and a few other fun options you can take advantage of while you’re here. But, due to Covid-19 we will have to make these temporarily unavailable.


Do you ever close during the season?

Yes, if it is too cold or if the river is too high. There are also days where we could be open, but with restrictions. On higher river levels, we may limit the type of boats available and the age of participants. PLEASE check our facebook page here for daily updates, river conditions, and that days operating status.


Are there rapids on your stretch?

Yes, and they are a ton of fun! The Little Miami is a class one river and generally beginner friendly. However, there will be days that we operate on higher water levels where we will impose restrictions as those conditions might not be suitable for beginners. Please, always check our daily updates on our facebook page here.

First Time Visitor?

Get ready for the best kayak trip Cincinnati has to offer! Here’s how the process works:

1. Make your reservation online here.

2. Arrive at our check-in building at least 20 minutes prior to your reserved departure time.

3. Pick out your PFD (Lifejacket)

4. Board our bus and enjoy a scenic ride, thru Historic Old Milford, to our “put-in” property.

5. Select your boat, grab your paddle, and start your adventure!


What should I bring?

We recommend wearing old gym shoes or water shoes that you don’t mind getting wet or ruined. Flip flops do not hold up well on the river. Bring sunblock, plenty of water, snacks/food, garbage bags (we have plenty of reusable ones available for free in case you forget), hat and sunglasses. If you are going to take your phone or any valuables with you, please be sure to bring an appropriate dry box or bag to keep them safe and secure. We have a variety of waterproof boxes and bags available for sale at the check-in. Scenic River is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items.

Can I bring my own kayak or canoe?

Not at this time. However, you are welcome to bring your own PFD and paddle (if your paddle breaks down to smaller lengths). This is a temporary policy due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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